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They’re Stuck.

They’re stuck with with us now. 8.10.20

Today Jase and Zain officially joined our family. Eh, that’s not right. Today they officially have our last name!

March 9, 2018, Jase joined our family. March 15, 2019, Zain joined our family. Today, they are considered our own, legally ours.

Jase was two months old when he entered our home, just a tiny 7lber at the time. We had the privilege of taking Zain home from the hospital, just a tiny 5lber.

Jase you’re the sweetest. Zain you’re the meanest. I’ll love you both for as long as I live.

The sweetest words I’ll ever hear…

“It shall be the same as if the child had been born to you.”

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