Happy One.

March 15, 2019.

You entered this world.

We got a sitter and drove to Missouri so we could see your face that night. Dad got to feed you first. Then I drove to the hospital every other day til we took you home. When I couldn’t make it there, I texted your mom to check on you both. Your brother got to visit while you were in the hospital too.

March 15, 2019, you entered this world but we learned about you months before.

I was so dang tired. Your brother still wasn’t sleeping. My body was still recovering from my csection, but we knew we’d say yes. And we did.

God knew we needed you. Our chill, funny, ornery, happy one. You wear the same size clothes as your brother. You sleep sooooo much better than he did at your age. You are so low maintenance. You laugh like a grown man and I still get sleepy cuddles sometimes.

God knew. And now, thanks to your parents we will get to celebrate with you now and for all the birthdays to come. Happy first Birthday Z-man.


I am forever grateful.

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