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Beautifully Mine.

Beautifully Mine.

I signed up for this. I signed up to foster a child, to foster love, to foster community, to foster a family.

But with him, there wasn’t a family attached. Adoption was his goal and we quickly became his forever family.

Something was missing though. Answers to questions I didn’t know. Traits I could not claim. Family history unknown to me.

We are his forever, but we are not his entire story. He was created, born and cared for in those beginning months by someone other than me.

I signed up to foster, but with him I did not have to reach out. After adoption, he was all mine. I could have taken the easy way out and chose to be selfish. I did not have to be supportive or care about that part of his story.

But that part of his story contains people. Real people with real heartbreak and real pain and real love.

So I reached out.

Now we have answers and family history and siblings and pictures and explanations and new memories. New good memories.

Biologically yours.

Beautifully mine.

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