It Was.

I said no.

I shook my head.

I said no.

I pushed back.

But I didn’t scream.

I didn’t yell.

I didn’t bite.

I didn’t fight.

I just laid there.


He wasn’t my “first” though.

So does it really count?

My parents were in the next room.

I could just call for them.

But I let it get this far.

And my parents were in the next room.

It’s my fault.


He apologized the next day.

Said it should stay between us.

Mom read that before I did…

I lied.

Said it went too far, but not that far.

I’m in trouble.

Screaming and yelling and name calling for hours.

It’s my fault.

I let it happen.


I never saw him again.


Facebook: “Friends you may know.”


I don’t know him.

Scroll… scroll… scroll…


I do.

I know THAT profile picture.

I didn’t even recognize him.

Funny how the brain works to protect you.


97AF2A97-1984-4CE8-81FE-0E384822D4EBBut would you have believed me?

He had a good family, attractive, just a small town kid.

Or would you have questioned me?

Questioned my actions and my outfit and my past…?

And trusted his image…


Saying no was enough.

It wasn’t my fault.

It was his.

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