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Hands Full

Anyone with 3+ children has heard it.  “Oh my, you have your hands full.”

Yes, yes I do.  Why does this comment annoy me so much?  I DO have my hands full.

It annoys me because it’s usually accompanied with an eye roll in the check out lane when one of the babies isn’t so happy.  Or when check out takes longer because we’re using WIC.  Then the questions start, and the eye rolls sometimes stop.  Foster care makes it okay to use WIC, I guess. (Insert my own eye roll here).

Listen, lady! I don’t owe you or anyone an explanation, why my babies look like twins but they’re not and I certainly do not have to tell you which child is in care or why!  And even if I wasn’t a foster momma, stop being so judgmental of people using assistance! We’re literally getting food to feed our babies.  How about you open your home to at least ONE of the children in care!?!

Oh let me guess… you can’t because you’d get too attached.  Yeah, heard that excuse before.  See “Too Attached” and “This Is Attachment” for my thoughts on that one.

It annoys me because I want to do more. I want to say yes to more kids.  What will they say then?  Good thing I don’t live my life for them.

Have you ever looked at a picture and been so overwhelmed with emotion that your heart literally ached?  Mine did when my husband sent me this.  Tears and heartache for the little one that will sleep in here with my baby girl.

It may look like my hands are full, they usually are… but my heart still has room, so my hands will figure it out.

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