Thank You.

Dear Mommy Before Me,

Thank you.  Thank you for loving our son.  Thank you for taking him when he was so little.  Thank you for those long trips and days at the hospital.  I’ve read his medical history and I know you were there.  Thank you for teaching him how to use his manners. Thank you for teaching him about God.  He prays at every meal and every night at bedtime.

I know things didn’t work out how you had planned but God’s plan is bigger than our imagination.  I’ve lost so much sleep thinking about you, as I’m sure you have lost plenty of sleep wondering about me.  I think of you often.  My heart aches for you and the pain and loss you have felt.  I know you love him.

Please just know that he is loved more than words can describe.  He is kind.  He is smart. He is loving.  He is active.  He is stubborn, man is he stubborn.  He is sweet.  He is rowdy. He loves animals and bugs.  He is happy.  He is thriving.

I know the sacrifices you made and the trials you faced.  I know the decision you made and I thank you.  I thank you with every ounce of my being.  Although not how you imagined it, your decisions made me a mom and I am forever grateful.

Thank you.

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