That Night.

We were equipped with the essentials, but we didn’t have many clothes or toys. We had decided to wait on buying age and gender specific items until we knew who would be placed with us.

Thankfully, my nephew was a year older than this curly-headed little boy and my sister-in-law brought over tons of his old clothes and toys.  He was so excited! Bruno was excited to have someone to play with too.

What do you have for dinner with a complete stranger? Cheese pizza, in the living room of course!

He played with his toys for a bit then it was bath time. He did well and loved the Cookie Monster bubbles.
IMG_7566It was bedtime and I read him Curious George Rides a Bike. He quickly fell asleep with the teddy bear the case worker had given him.

I, however, did not fall asleep quickly. I didn’t know it then, but I’d have trouble sleeping for many nights to come.  Bruno was even restless that first night, he checked on him multiple times.

What would I tell this beautiful, innocent little boy in the morning when he realized he wasn’t going back to the only home he’s known?

Tough questions weren’t meant to be tackled with a tired mind.

We’ll deal with that when it comes.




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