The Wait.

It was a process.

First order of business was convincing my husband.

He jumped, or rather tip-toed, on board when he realized that fostering was something God placed on my heart when I was a little girl. Either that, or I relentlessly annoyed him about it.

We began inquiring about foster care in 2015 but didn’t take the leap of faith until 2016.

October 22, 2016, we completed our PRIDE training. We were eager (maybe myself more than my husband) and certain we would receive a call almost immediately. If our classes taught us anything it was that foster parents were in high demand.

It didn’t happen immediately.

I’ve not had the privilege of carrying a child, yet, but I imagine the excitement, fear and eagerness I felt during that waiting period is identical to those feelings of an expectant mother. After all, I was an expectant mother.

We didn’t hear anything in October or November.

December we were told that our fur-son’s records weren’t up-to-date and that needed to be fixed for licensing.

January 2 we got Bruno’s shots updated.

January 5 I called my point person at our agency. Talked to him about our frustrations of waiting and how we had just received our license but the information was inaccurate.

He began telling me about a sibling pairĀ that could really use family support. They were older than our licensing range but we were ready for a placement.

I called my husband and we discussed the possibility of taking on these siblings. We were hesitant, mostly because we’re a young couple and didn’t feel old enough ourselves to care for older children.

We decided to pray on it for the day and decide the following morning.

In the midst of our thoughts and prayers, I got a call.

For a 4 year old boy that needed placed immediately.

He wasn’t the one we were praying about but he was the answer God gave us.

The wait was over.

We said yes.




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