I Said Yes.

I knew he was going to ask.

One afternoon at school, my best friend texted for my dad’s phone number. She claimed her husband had a question about the plumbing on their new bathroom renovation. My Dad is a bit of a handy-man so that didn’t clue me in. However, shortly after her asking for his number, my Dad texted me asking why Alex wanted to meet for dinner…

Alex had only met my Dad once at this point in our relationship.

We had been in a long-distance relationship, 860 miles apart to be exact. We had only been dating a short period, but we had already discussed marriage.

So when Dad asked why Alex wanted to go to dinner, I had a feeling what was going to take place, but I acted clueless.

I’m pretty sure my Dad knew what was going to happen too because he rescheduled dinner with Alex to a much earlier date than Alex requested.

Fast forward a few weeks and I’m headed to North Carolina for a short vacation before classes start back up. My college bestie and her husband were coming along for the trip as well.

Alex couldn’t take leave for our vacation so the three of us enjoyed our time at the nearby beach until Alex was able to come home.

We were sitting in the Walgreen’s parking lot (I think my friend needed some headache medicine) when Alex texted me something along the lines of hoping I didn’t get too much beach time because he wanted to take pictures at the beach that night…


Alex doesn’t usually shy away from pictures but he’s NEVER the one to initiate them. I immediately thought he’s going to propose!  I texted my friend back home and she kept trying to throw me off.  Little did I know, both of my friends already knew what was going to happen.

That evening we headed to the pier at Topsail Beach. He was wearing a white button up and khaki shorts… I checked his pockets, there wasn’t a ring… hmmm maybe it wasn’t going to be tonight.

We were almost to the end and I completely missed the scattered rose petals on the boardwalk. I looked up and one of Alex’s friends was attempting to place the rose petals in a heart shape, but the wind kept blowing them away.

Next thing I know, Alex is kneeling down, I’m nodding my head yes and Alex hadn’t even asked anything yet. He turns around and sticks his hand out to my friend…. OOH that’s where the ring has been this whole time.

I honestly don’t remember every word he said but I’ll remember that moment for the rest of my life. That moment of complete and absolute certainty that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with the man in front of me.

That was three years ago today and I’m more in love with him today than ever.

I’ve watched him grow in more ways than one and I’m so proud to call him my husband.

And I thought I loved him then.

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