Back to Me.


It is long, and it is hard.

I am so thankful that in terms of pregnancies, mine was pretty “easy.”

I never had morning sickness.

I did not have any major complications.

And my baby girl is perfect.

It was just long. Oh so long.

Yeah, yeah, I know it wasn’t any longer than any other woman’s pregnancy. You get what I’m saying.

Those 40 weeks crept by, especially in the moment.

I gained 41 lbs over those 40 weeks. (Wow, a pound a week! — Yikes!)

I have always been moderately active.

But during my pregnancy, I just did not have the energy or desire or motivation to be active.

I did have a two month old baby and a six year old at home, sArnold-Arnold-0058.jpgo I was actively caring for them, but I did not actively care for myself.

Towards the end of my pregnancy, I started looking into options for healthy eating because I knew I would not be released to exercise for awhile.

That’s when I kept seeing Megan Wright posting about this health journey she was on and all of these awesome before and after photos.

I took the bait.

I had my baby girl on Thursday and started this program the following Monday.

In 2 months and 18 days, I lost those 41 lbs!

And honestly, it probably would have been faster, if I had strictly followed this program.  I fell off of the plan a few times, but still extremely happy with the results.

I felt like me again. Just ask my husband, I know he could tell just by my mental state that I was feeling so much better.

The reason this program fit so well with that season of my life is because it does not require exercise! No joke.

The other thing I loved about this program was the support system that came along with it and the emphasis on healthy living and maintaining this weight loss.

I witnessed several testimonies of men and women that have struggled with their weight and eating habits their entire lives, and this program helped them break those unhealthy habits and keep the weight off for good.

I am no longer on that plan, but it was the catalysis for me to get back on track and I’m now happy to report that I’m back to running and exercising regularly.

I loved the fact that I did not have to exercise to lose the weight, but I realized I REALLY missed it!  I blame the years of sports for that one.  Missing that physical activity caused me to do research for home workouts.

Having two babies and a six-year-old at home and a husband that works nights, makes a gym membership impractical.  I wanted to get fit again, get back to me, but I didn’t want to pay a sitter while I went to the gym.

I did some research, used YouTube for workouts for a month, and then found what I’m using now.  I have hundreds and hundreds of workouts that I can stream anywhere, anytime.  I can pause them when life a.k.a. my babies, interrupt me and it’s not an issue.

Pregnancy made me feel like a completely different person.  I have been around the same size since high school, so the excessive weight gain really played a negative toll on my mental health.

I think the greatest part of these at-home workouts is the community and accountability that comes along with it and the emphasis on personal growth. I also really love the fact that my six year old can see me doing these workouts, sees me bettering myself, and sees the importance of exercise.  Nothing better than leading by example.

I am so excited to see how far I can push myself.  I am ready to be stronger and healthier than even before I had babies. — I’ll be careful though, I don’t want anymore babies anytime soon. 😉



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