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Not That Mom.

You know the one. You probably have one or two in your friend circle. The one that goes above and beyond with everything… EVERYTHING. She makes it to every child’s birthday party, every school party, makes homemade goodies for all the teachers, her child’s birthdays look like a Pinterest project, and every kid that comes gets a goody bag, and she’s likely in charge of the PTA.

I’ll never be that mom.

I’m the mom that sends money to school instead of trying to sell for all, or any of the fundraisers for that matter.  Birthday party themes consists of a table cloth and a few balloons.  I’ll likely never have goody bags for your kids when they come either. I don’t think my child deserves a snack after every game he participates in, or a medal at the end of the season just for participating. I think it creates entitlement.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing the moms out there that were created to do all those things – because I whole heartedly believe you were created to be that person. You’re killing it. It’s just not me.

BUT whoever you are and whatever your parenting style is please, please, please do not “mom” my child, ESPECIALLY if I’m standing right there. This goes for family, friends, acquaintances, and strangers, If I do not pick him up when he falls, you don’t need to. If I tell him to stop whining because he didn’t get his way, I don’t need you to coddle him. If I ignore his pouting, don’t whisper affirmations to him. If I say no more snacks, don’t give him just one more.

I would never tell someone else’s child to toughen up or stop crying when their guardian is standing right there addressing the situation! I may not agree with your parenting style, but I won’t intervene. Well, unless you’re being abusive then be prepared for intervention. It’s disrespectful. You’re teaching my child that what I say isn’t important. That if a stranger or even a family member can contradict mom, that it’s okay for him to do so, as well. If mom says no, he can find what he wants somewhere else. PLEASE be respectful.

I may not be that mom, but I’m their mom.

We cuddle on the couch, we play games, we run together, we play tennis, we practice dribbling, we teach giving, we show grace, we forgive, we eat ice cream in bed, we order pizza more than we should, we say our prayers and eat dinner as a family.

My kids will never have that mom. They have me. Which is enough.

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