No Excuses

July 8, 2018 •• October 19, 20183095DF5C-C585-4B84-BA68-CEDC8944F27D.jpeg
3 months and 11 days, countless sleepless nights, diaper changes, baby snuggles, tears, exhaustion, joy, challenges, big life changes, and 45 lbs stand between those two dates.

Pregnancy really played a tole on my mental health. Since high school, I’ve been roughly the same weight. When the extra pounds started coming I got in a mental funk. But, I didn’t do anything about it. I didn’t exercise or renovate my diet, I just let those negative thoughts creep in and the pounds kept coming.

I WISH I had found this BEFORE my pregnancy. I WISH I had found the group of women that hold me accountable. I WISH I had found this option to workout from home.

I KNOW if I had, those negative thoughts and the devil’s whispers wouldn’t have had such a stronghold during my pregnancy. AND I would have been a much healthier prego.

BUT the good news is that I did find it. I found the desire and the willpower and an AFFORDABLE way to take care of my body. A way that fits around my schedule, allows my kiddos to see me on the journey and a way that offered me community, too. Friends to come alongside me as I began this new health and fitness journey.

I don’t want you to have those same regrets or wish you would have started sooner. YOU can do this now! Join me on this journey. Seriously, no better time to start than this random day in November! Plus you’ll get $20 off if you join now!

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