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It is a term I have heard him use to describe himself more than once. Sure, we are all a little selfish sometimes, but I don’t think he realizes just how unselfish he really is.

Selfish people don’t work twelve hour shifts to provide for their families.

Selfish people don’t do three loads of laundry and clean the house on their day off work.

Selfish people don’t attempt to make relationships with people in the community that others would shun.

Selfish people don’t question if they made the right decision on a call.

Selfish people don’t place themselves in dangerous situations, daily.

Selfish people don’t sign contracts that risk their life. (More than once)

Selfish people don’t play endless games of Uno and Sorry to appease their six year old.

Selfish people don’t say yes to becoming a dad of three is less than two years.

Selfish people don’t take complete strangers into their homes and show them endless amounts of love.


You have told me before that you wish you were more like me in the ways that I’m unselfish.

Babe, we weren’t created to be the same. We were created to complement each other, to pick up where the other one lacks.  Our hearts may not be the exact same, but yours is changing every day and every day I fall more in love with the man you are working so hard at becoming.

I love you.

Happy Father’s Day, Love.

I hope you enjoyed our mini weekend getaway, even though you did not feel very well.

Here’s some memories from our 2018 Father’s Day weekend.

Church Cabin
Church Cabin – Built in 1850 –
The fish were having fun stealing the worms. The boys were still able to catch four and Bub even threw one back in.
A little morning nap after the homemade breakfast. I must say the blackberry pie was my favorite.

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