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He’s Mine.

I knew of him in high school, but neither one of us really knew the other. Little did we know that April 2014 would be the beginning of our love story.

It is not some love at first sight or fairy tale story but it is ours. This man sent me a message on Facebook, after creeping through all of his pictures, I replied. To all you guys sliding in those DMs, do not give up, well unless you have been messaging her for five years and she has never responded, then give up. Ladies, we all have a few guys like that. We admire the persistence but there is a reason we are not responding… we are not interested.

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Fast forward to February 2018, we are now married, bought a house, licensed foster parents, college graduates, adopted our son and our daughter will be here in July. And of course, you cannot forget Bruno, he has been around since our beginning.

This man, I am blessed to call mine, joined the Marines at 19. Go big or go home! (I think I would have went home.) He did two tours in Afghanistan. He has seen and experienced things I could never fathom. I was not there so I will not be disrespectful and try to describe it, just please realize our freedom comes with a high price.

He fulfilled his contract with the Marines and made his way back to Southern Illinois. It took some time (and nagging from me) but he went to college and obtained his (first) degree – with honors. He calls me an over-achiever but he must not realize he is just as much as I am. He joined the Army National Guard, Infantry Unit – he just could not stay out of a uniform. (No complaints from me.) I have a feeling this is just the beginning for this part of his military service. In the middle of all of that, he has supported me in my passions, my work, and foster care. He has been there for all the failures and successes.

Now I am getting to witness and be a part of his passions and successes. Foster care may have been my passion, but I have seen it change my husband’s heart in a way I never expected. I know us women find men attractive that are good dads, but there is something extra hot about a man willing to father a child that was just a stranger.

His current career endeavor has just started but I am so excited for him. He is finding his purpose and I am lucky enough to be along for the ride. And of course, it involves a uniform.



I am so proud to be your wife!

I love you!

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