She’s Beautiful.

She’s beautiful. Not society’s stereotypical blonde haired, blue-eyed babe, but the quirky smile, kind-eyed, big hair beautiful.  The “you better wife her up” type of beautiful.

She has a heart of gold and gives it away more often than she should.  But you see, that’s what makes her so beautiful.

She was emotionally destroyed by a man to turn around and be his caretaker, and let him destroy her mentally too.  But, she’s not only beautiful, she’s strong.  She got out of that situation and moved to a place near family and support.

She often wonders her purpose in life, but from an outsider’s standpoint, I think she’s right where she’s meant to be.  Obviously, God’s in control, but it’s fun to see His plan unfold.  He sees you Lindsay.  He knew the journey your grandma was going on and He made sure you were nearby.

Your love is invaluable.  Keep giving it away.



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