365 Days.

365 days.

12 months.

1 year.

That’s how long we’ve had the pleasure of loving you.

You are our wild child.

Had I not been pregnant when we met, I’m not sure we would have decided to get pregnant.  You are so ornery, yet so sweet. So high maintenance yet becoming more independent.  Your cu29101574_10215149629036078_921976729434589074_nddles give me life and watching you grow is my favorite.

I’ll never forget the feeling in my stomach when I was waiting to meet you. It didn’t go away for a few days. You were so tiny. Two months old but resembled a newborn. I’ve never felt so unqualified. That first night was rough, up every couple hours, rocking you in the bedroom floor, praying for guidance.

The days got easier and tougher all at the same time. Another day to love you but with each day more unknowns.  Focusing on our insanely awesome luck to have this privilege to love you and watch you grow has gotten us through the tough days.  Family cabin trip, water park, birthday parties, soccer games, and countless other memories have been made this last year. 

We have figured each other out. I recognize your cries, sometimes you just need me close and I am happy to accommodate.  12 months later at 14 months old we still get plenty of midnight cuddles.  You just graduated therapy and have never made me feel more happy and sad at the same time.  Now you are walking everywhere and bringing me food when I did not give you enough for dinner. You are so smart and so strong. You have brought a light out in my husband that I never knew was there.  I forgive you for saying DaDa first and more often than MaMa.  You have everyone you meet wrapped around your finger, probably because of that handsome smile. Our lives have forever been changed since you entered it.

We love you Little Man, with everything in us. We love you.

This will always be your day.

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